Automation System

Integrated automation system

The Integrated automation system of hydropower station is based on the computer monitoring and control system for the power plant, which can automatically control the whole power station such as the hydrological forecasting, open-close control for genset, working condition monitoring, open-close control for auxiliary and public equipment, load distribution and transmission line control etc. it can accurately communicate with the scheduling department for real-time data.

The system includes:
Computer monitoring and control system: remote measurement, remote control, remote signal and remote regulation.
Industrial TV monitoring system: Timely and accurately give feedback to decision maker for the practical information of the controlled object as basis.
Fire monitoring system: uninterruptedly monitor the main site of of Hydropower Station, and automatically give an alarm to the centralized alarm controller on the central control room.
Basic automation components and automatic device: Automatically control or regulate the corresponding equipment.
Hydrological automatic forecasting system -- timely, accurately, and quickly collect the hydrological condition and make flood forecasting within short period.